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    Check out the EVENTS tab for more info on upcoming events with BFC urban churches.
  2. BFC City Churches
    City Concerns churches are currently located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. Check out the Churches tab for a full list of participating City Concerns churches.
  3. Monthly Articles
    Each month we'll have an article or blog pertaining to specific concerns of city church ministry; encouragement for those in this type of ministry work; and resources to keep you informed.
BFC City Concerns
City Concerns was begun more than 25 years ago.  It is an 'overlay' region now of the Bibe Fellowship Churches.  It's purpose was, and is, to provide for:

  • Fellowship between BFC urban churches.
  • Fellowship for pastors serving urban BFC churches.
  • A voice to the BFC, addressing issues of particular concern to the city churches.